Stranger#001: Edwin, the photographer

Friday, January 9, 2009

My friend,Jeff and I were dining in a resto just outside Robinson's Place Manila this afternoon when I found my perfect stranger number one. He entered the restaurant with a warm greeting to the staff and proceeded to the counter to make his order. His dreads were the first thing I noticed. (I've been thinking of going to Boracay this summer to get dreads. or maybe those tiny braids.:D) I immediately pointed him out to Jeff and told him that that person would be my perfect stranger number one.

I remained in my seat and fidgeted for 20 long minutes (what happened to the three-second rule, I have no idea), asking Jeff for advice on how to approach him and ask him to pose for me. I was such a nervous-wreck I forgot I had a drink to finish. My hands were getting clammy. This was my first time to approach a complete stranger to ask for his picture. I think he kind of noticed that I was peeking ever-so-often. (I was starting to get embarrassed :P). I was both excited and afraid, two very messed up feelings. Jeff kept on giving me reminders and confidence boosts, not to mention the nearest escape routes if my attempt backfired. I was so nervous my hands were cold.

My assessment: He looked nice and friendly, it didn't seem to me that he would decline. When he pulled his Macbook out of his bag, I knew he was techy enough to know about blogs and Flickr. He can easily look up 100strangers in the web and know that it is a bonafide group in Flickr (And I'm not some weird stalker-ish person :D).

When I finally mustered the courage to approach him, I introduced myself, explained my project (100 Strangers) and asked him if I could take his photo. He readily agreed, saying that he was also a photographer. Talk about coincidence. :)

Edwin is a freelance photographer, who used to work as an artist in an insurance company. He currently has a ongoing photo exhibit at the Philamlife Building, UN Ave, Ermita, Manila.The proceeds will be donated to Palcare (and to several other groups, according to his website). We chatted for a few moments, exchanged URLs, and talked a little bit more. I took a total of three shots with my shaking hands, shy to ask for more. He was really nice and friendly (true to my assessment.:D).

I hurried back to my seat, still giddy from being able to accomplish such a daunting task. Finally, I have my stranger number one! The adrenaline rush was exhilarating I had a hard time composing myself. We left the resto before he did, and as we passed by his table, I waved a quick goodbye and told him that he can visit my site tomorrow (Jan 10) to check the post.

In retrospect: Approaching a stranger is no easy task. It can also be dangerous if you approach the wrong person. (What I have learned: It's better to have someone with you before approaching a stranger, that way, he/she can look out for you. :) ) But when you do meet a nice person like Edwin, it becomes a wonderful learning experience. As for the photo I took, well, it's the first out of a hundred, and I still have a long way to go. There's a lot of room for improvement. Maybe Edwin could help me out, being a professional photographer and all. :D

Till my next stranger!

This is the picture number 1 of my 100Strangers project. To see pictures taken by other members and to know more about the group, visit now. Join us here.


Jeprocks said...

palakpakan naman jan!

missy said...



Clap clap clap!!!

paulalaflower♥ said...

aba, at talagang may pumalakpak.


arls said...

applause! :) galing galing! :) and nice one for a first one!

Sinta said...

What a cool project! That's such a neat idea. I love the guy's dreads! They are so awesome :) Hrm, maybe after my wedding I'll get some. You have guts! I would be ridiculously terrified to just approach a stranger.

cheh said...

This is a very interesting idea indeed:) Looking fwd for the next one;)

Thanks for dropping by my blog,btw:)

have a great day!

Marites said...

you did well. I am not sure if i can do it myself too. It's a good coincidence that you were able to meet somebody that's really nice and understands you :)

paulalaflower♥ said...

[arls]aba, pumalakpak ka din.

[cheh] i' still looking for the next one. hahaha.

[marites] I'm glad my first stranger was very very nice. :D

mirage2g said...

Two other bloggers and Ithough of this project before pero should be that stranger will approach us not we approaching them hehe. Anong surname nya?

Galing keep it up!

paulalaflower♥ said...

[mirage2g] loyola. thanks. :D


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