Pimping Multiply

Saturday, January 3, 2009

....is difficult.

Buti sana kung simpleng HTML lang eh. Jusko, CSS kasi. Whatever Cascading Style Sheets.

Buuuuuut, I have successfully added links on my right siderail (in my Multiply)! YES! Well, I didn't actually twiddle with the CSS, I found a nice tutorial on how to add the icons/pictures on the right side rail using HTML, it's just a little tedious. As for making these icons links, well, I used my own coconut for that. Hehe. Icons and Links now, whole theme revamp later! (MUCH MUCH LATER!)

So, new year, new theme, new siderail links! Bwahahaha.

What's next? Oh yeah, studying. Tsss.

It's difficult adjusting my writing style now that I am cross posting. sheesh.


paulalaflower♥ said...

The ride side thing didn't work with all the pages so I just put the links on the left side. It still looks nice though. :D

arls said...

thanks pau for the tutorial! love it!!!


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