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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

As an online entrepreneur, I find advertising on blogs an excellent way to keep a business thriving. For one, it caters to your intended market: the online community. Letting your market know what your products or services are becomes easier because (1) the blog post is related to it, and (2) links within the blog post increase the chances of the reader clicking on them and be directed to the advertiser's site. Moreover, more and more people are leaning towards online shopping beacuse of its convenience and thus, the market of online buyers is continuously expanding.

I have recently discovered PayingPost, a site which facilitates blog advertising. It caters to two sets of people: first, the advertisers who want to explore the online blog community as a means of marketing their products and services and second, the bloggers who want to make extra money via paid posts.

Joining PayingPost as a blogger is easy. You just have to go to their website and sign-up. Then, you can submit your website(s) or blog(s) for review. Once your blog is approved, you can now scout for available opportunities from companies who want to advertise. This is made extra easy by the new layout that PayingPost has come up with. With the tabs on top, navigating within their site is no problem at all.PayingPost has an additional feature which allows you to post paid advertisements without having to wait for your blog's approval. PayingPost Direct is a means of getting advertisers without the intervention of PayingPost itself. Just by placing the PayingPost Direct badge on your site, advertisers can easily contact you if they want you to write a post about them. This gives you (the blogger) additional freedom because it allows you to negotiate the terms you will be working with. So even if PayingPost has not yet approved your blog, once an advertiser has contacted you, you can start earning money by blogging.

I have just joined PayingPost and I like it. It allows me to earn extra money at my own leisure. It's not as time consuming as other money-generating schemes where you have to really focus and spend much of your time with. Hopefully, I can find more opportunities to get paid just by blogging. :)



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