On a very delayed Tagged post

Monday, December 15, 2008

I was browsing through my old blogs in my Multiply and I stumbled upon this draft post. Uh-oh. I think I forgot to publish it. Anyway, I haven't even answered it yet. Now, I will. :D

I was tagged by Char and Jeff last July 8, 2007. :))

what makes your blog unique?
Which blog? the paulalaflower or the one in Multiply? I'm still undecided on how to go about both blogs. :D

when did you start blogging?
well, according to the archives of my old blog, January 2005 was the start of my obsession with this online writing thing.

what do you hope to accomplish in your blog?
For paulalaflower, I just want to share my thoughts, experiences and other what-have-yous. Maybe turn it into a photoblog or something (I think the or something will be much more feasible. I am sometimes too lazy to go take pictures.) My Multiply Blog is generally more personal. :D

what's your favorite childhood memory?
I'm not so good with remembering these kinds of things. hehe.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you want to have with you?
My cellphone, a first aid kit (aha, the doctor-ish side of me is showing itself. hehe) and hmmm. can a person be considered a thing? hehe. someone to be stranded with (so I won't bore the hell out of myself.)

Does your moral values affect the way you blog? if yes, why?
Yes. Erm, because moral values are always there to dictate every action? :D

what is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?
How do you define weird?

what is your worst quality?
I am so lazy.

A - Age: I am 19 going on 20 (next year!)

B - Band:Band Aid. Haha. I am so corny.

C - Career: I'm a student, what career?

D - Drink or Smoke: drink at parties. :)

E - Easiest Friends To Talk To: Erika, Jeff.

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Bears

H - Have a Girlfriend: Err, if I did, that would be weird. :)

I - In love: with LIFE! :)

J - Junk Food You Like: I can't think of any as of the moment.

K - Kids: If I get married, definitely.

L - Longest Ride Ever: Train ride from xiamen to some mountain in China. We even slept on these bunk beds on the train. :D

N - Names For Your Future Kids: I haven't thought about them yet. or should I say, yet again.

O - One Wish You Have Now: To have more wishes (I can't think of anything right now.)

P - Phobias: err, none that I know of.

Q - Favorite Quotes: ...

R - Reasons To Smile: It's Christmas!

S - Sleeping Hours: my sleeping time is not regular.

T - Time You Woke Up: before 8

U - Unknown Fact About You: ...

V - Vegetable You Hate: Celery, Okra, Ampalaya

W - Worst Habit: Being lazy. And putting off things just so I can twiddle with my blog.

X - X-rays You've Had: chest for physical examination

Y - Yummy Foods: I think I haven't eaten anything yummy in a few days. Hmm. Pad Thai is yummy.

Z - Zodiac Sign: Gemini



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